Juan and I were having a conversation yesterday. Billy McKillop’s name came up and my immediate response was “He is one of my favorite people in the world!”, to which Juan answered, “Mine too!”

This is my 6th entry in the Tribute series, and I’m so glad to dedicate it to this awesome person, my friend Billy.

I know Billy from my days at Pinelands Presbyterian Church, in Miami. When Juan and I first started attending that church, we came in as a couple in great need of support and spiritual strength. Billy, more than likely, does not know how big of an impact his life and leadership was for us. In all our years in ministry we had never met a person quite like him. He showed us what true humility looked like. He demonstrated real love for people and a genuine concern for their souls and well being. Billy was not boisterous nor seeking accolades, but he served quietly and wholeheartedly. I remember many days when God’s grace surprised me through Billy’s life. All I had to do was watch him at work or have a conversation with him, and I would often learn something new about compassion and evangelism. I had not fully understood how God’s grace could be so evidently displayed in leadership, until I met Billy McKillop. I am so grateful for the work God did in my heart through him.

Billy has a sweet, thoughtful, and supportive wife by his side, and together they have raised three passionate and loving children. The McKillop family has served in ministry both in local churches and abroad. Wherever they go, they display God’s goodness for all to see. Their commitment to the expansion of God’s kingdom is evident in their life choices. Many have come to the knowledge of the gospel through their labor of love. Thank you Billy, Sherry, Caleb, Zachary, and Gabrielle, for your service to the Lord. I am one of those people whose life has been deeply enriched by yours.

After Billy's installation service at New City Fellowship (Billy and Sherry are second and third from the left)

After Billy’s installation service at New City Fellowship (Billy and Sherry are third and fourth from the left)

Healing the Hopeless: Suti Sana

Setting the captives free: That is a something only God can do. Only God takes us from slavery to freedom, from spiritual poverty to riches, from condemnation to restoration.

Suti Sana is located in the poorest sector of El Alto, Bolivia. It is a bright source of light in a very dark place.

El Alto

El Alto is one of the poorest cities of Bolivia, where, God willing, I will traveling to on August 11th, along with about 20 others.

I love Lisa Wiltse’s photos:

The purpose of the trip is to support a small, local church in the area. They do great work and we want to increase awareness of their presence in such a needy place. The group I’ll be traveling with will do street outreach as well as service projects in the building and with the staff.

There is a ministry to prostitutes, which helps women to get on their feet and provide for themselves when they leave prostitution. My friend, Tammy, has been consistently traveling to El Alto to train these women and support them in their transition. What a powerful ministry! I’m looking forward to being a small part of it.

I know this trip will be very hard, both physically and emotionally. For one, El Alto sits at over 13,000 feet! This will be very hard to adjust to. I am also aware that being in the midst of such misery and need will be taxing and painful.

But the heart of Jesus is with the destitute, therefore we must go when He calls us to.

“For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, yet for your sake he became poor, so that you by his poverty might become rich” (II Cor 8:9)