In Need of Prayer

I’m not gonna lie. I’m feeling very discouraged today. Gabriel is not doing well. Not sure what the issue is but it seems to me he is drowning in anxiety. He has regressed years, to the point where simple tasks like putting on a pair of flip-flops takes 15 minutes and the activities he used to do independently, he can no longer handle. It’s been a steady decline for the past 3 years or so.

He’s slipping away.

Today I was ready to head to church. My family had left already in a separate car and I stayed behind trying to get Gabriel to finish getting ready. But it became impossible to leave the house. He was upset because, apparently, he did want to go to church. I was crying on the inside, filled with frustration, self-pity, empathy, worry, and a whole other list of feelings.

So today I could use prayers from my friends. Don’t need suggestions, really, or opinions on what I should do next. Just prayer. Juan and I need discernment on how to help our son. Gabriel needs a touch from God. The whole family needs peace and wisdom and buckets of love.