Maybe I Can Be Pain Free…

I’m in pain. I’m always in pain. I have been in pain since I was a little girl. I don’t complain about it, unless I’m in severe crisis, in which case it’s hard to hide it. My last crisis happened back in the summer, the week before Tom Sawyer began (when I spent endless hours playing piano). I had so much back pain that I was hardly able to move. I ended up in the ER just to get some strong enough pain medication that would allow me to function.

I’ve always assumed that the curvature in my spine has been the cause of this pain. In fact, I’ve had several doctors and chiropractors tell me that throughout my childhood and adult life. Therefore, other than seeking chiropractic help once in a while, I have not thought that I could ever be pain free.

But yesterday I went to a sports medicine doctor (something I should have done a while ago), and for the first time he gave me hope of getting rid of the pain. Among other things going on with my back, my main problem is something called Impingement Syndrome with chronically inflamed tendons. So he prescribed a series of exercises and stretches that I need to do daily. He told me that if I’m faithful and consistent, I will find relief!!


Now, that is cause for celebration!!

I have begun these exercises and they are very painful. I feel I have to endure through the initial suffering, focusing on their future benefits. I don’t care how much I’m hurting now, because the thought of possible relief makes me want to jump for joy!

Going Gluten-Free

My friend, Laura, has been after me (for years) to try to get me to change my diet, in order to improve my health. She is very persistent. And I’m very stubborn. I’ve always resisted the thought of eliminating wheat from my diet. I can hardly imagine a life without it!

But here I am, at the point of no return, actually seriously considering this craziness. I’m pretty scared and intimidated about facing life without wheat (all you Celiac sufferers must have no empathy for me, but hey, no judging), but I believe I need to give it my best try. One of the scariest thoughts is that I’ve read and heard that once I give up wheat, I will not be able to go back to it. Chances are it will make me very sick. So I think that by “trying” to see how I feel without wheat, sort of means that I will never be able to tolerate it in the future. Yikes.

I guess if it helps me with my “foggy brain”, reduces my aches and pains (I sound like I’m ancient), improves my acid reflux, and helps me fight against diabetes, it will be worth it.

So please feel free to share your favorite recipes and tips with me. I am at an absolute starting point, so I’m terribly ignorant about everything I might need to know. So far I’ve gone 3 days without gluten, and I’m still smiling, but I need all the help I can get.

PS. I’m a pretty lazy cook, which means I like recipes that are simple to prepare. Also, I’m on a budget, so I cannot go overly fancy. Any recipe or tip that meets this criteria will be readily welcome 🙂

My job rocks!

Just a quick note to express my gratitude for the happiness I feel in doing my job.

I’ve been teaching for 23 years. The first class I ever taught was a mommy-and-me music class, in my living room. Since then, I have never seen a time when I wasn’t teaching. The subjects have been varied (homeschooling co-op academics, speech and debate teams, 4-H marine ecology, among others). But mostly, I’ve taught music, from tiny kids to adults, and everything in between. Choirs, ensembles, theory, guitar, singing, composing, worship, musical theatre…

And I can honestly say, I have always loved my job.

My life has been enriched by the students I’ve had and the families I’ve met. I have felt the fulfillment that comes from helping others find their voice or their calling, or even an enjoyable hobby that will last through a life-time.

Not many people can say they love what they do for a living, I’m fully aware of that. So with that in mind, I want to shout a big, heart-felt thank-you to God almighty! You have blessed me!

My first mommy-and-me class. My daughter, Lizette is the second kid from the right (his name is Andrew). My baby, Gabriel is sitting, watching, all the way on the left :)

My first mommy-and-me class. My daughter, Lizette, now 25 yrs old, is the second kid from the right (his name is Andrew). My baby, Gabriel is sitting, watching, all the way on the left 🙂

Gomer’s Song

So I wrote a song a little while ago. I don’t particularly like this home recording of it, but oh well, here it goes.

The reason why this song is meaningful to me is because it’s based on the story of Hosea and Gomer. It goes basically like this:

Hosea was a prophet of God. God spoke to him and told him to take Gomer as wife. She was an unfaithful woman who continued to be unfaithful, even after their marriage. She had children with other men. Somehow (not specified in the book), Gomer ended up back out on the streets prostituting herself. She ended up in a slave market, more than likely being sold as a sex slave. By all standards, but especially by God’s standards, Gomer did not deserve for Hosea to stick by Gomer. But God spoke again to Hosea and told him to go and buy his wife from the slave market (even though he had full rights to her, for free). He did just that. With 15 shekels of silver, he paid the price to redeem his wife from slavery.

Hosea is a picture of Jesus, who was to come years later. The imagery of this book explains how God’s people are unfaithful to their God, but Jesus paid the price to buy us back to himself. He paid the highest price for us, because He loves us and desires an intimate relationship with us, with me. What love! What gift! This is why I will love him forever.

Where is my Cell Phone?

I dropped my phone today, in a very Silvia-Ledon-fashion, if I do say so myself. I was in the car. I had the phone on my lap. I got out of the car and the phone fell to the floor. And again in Silvia-Ledon-style, I walked away not noticing it fell. I sat in a conference room for about a half hour before I realized my phone was missing. I had a feeling I had dropped it and quickly walked out to the car. I found it lying on the ground next to the car door. The really bad part of the story is that it was raining by the buckets. With puppy eyes, I stared at my phone, wading in a dirty puddle. As soon as I got back into the conference room, I proceeded to ignore the speaker and take my phone apart and pad it down with napkins. I was very pleased to find out that it never stopped working! Right now, several hours later, the phone is off and open so that the left-over moisture can evaporate, but like I said, the good news is that it DOES work!! Yay!

Dear reader, you are now probably cringing, bracing yourself for a deep theological or emotional application stemming from the cell phone illustration. But rejoice! There is none. I simply wanted to share with you that my phone fell, it got soaking wet, I found it, and then it worked again.


Daniel and I being silly at the park. This picture is completely random and unrelated to my post. I just think it's cute :)

Daniel and I being silly at the park. This picture is completely random and unrelated to my post. I just think it’s cute 🙂

PS. If you do want something meaningful to read, check out a Christian’s view on current events in AWAKE, oh Sleeper! or my really cool Testimony, or my experience at the Virginia Holocaust Museum.

Like Glue or Peanut Butter

There is an old Steve Green children’s song, which my kids sang over and over when they were little, that speaks of friendship that sticks. The little boy in the video asks: “Like glue? Or peanut butter?” He replies: “Well, something like that…”

This is the song that has been playing in my head the past few days. I have friends that stick. I am so blessed and so fortunate to have women in my life that I can actually call dear friends. They put up with my craziness. They see me for who I am. When I open up to them and speak truthfully and vulnerably, they do not judge me nor they criticize me. When they tell me what they think and give advice, I listen and receive it, because I know they love me. They hurt with me when I hurt and they are happy for me when things go well. They care for me and pray for me. 

And I feel the same way about them.

So this post is simply one of gratitude for my friends. 

Also, I’m convinced that now that I live in a new city, I need to be a little more proactive about reaching out and fostering new, real friendships. If you’re reading this and live in RVA and want to be my friend, hit me up. I’ll do coffee with you anytime 🙂

Life can be hard, and everyone needs good friends wherever one lands. 

So here’s to the awesome friends who stick like glue, the ones I already have and the new ones I’ll make. Mazel tov!  

Ledon-style Spanish Lesson #3

The word for today is PANCHO, which is a nick name for those who are named Francisco

Not to be confused with PLANCHO, which is, I iron (as in ironing clothes)

Not to be confused with PONCHO, which is, as you know, a woolen garment

Or PINCHO, which means: I pinch



I pinch Francisco and iron his coat

Yo pincho a Pancho y plancho su poncho

Exploring Virginia: Shenandoah Valley

Shenandoah Valley

After 2 years of living in Virginia, I finally got a chance to drive through Skyline Drive in Shenandoah Park. The weather was perfect and the sights from the overviews along the road were absolutely stunning. I grew up in Ecuador, surrounded by gorgeous mountains, but I lived most of my adult life in Florida, which has none. So this drive was like coming back home.

The only thing I wanted more of was time. Our drive was fairly short, and it takes several hours to go through the whole park. Now that we have a taste of it, we will be sure to go back again soon. I can’t wait to see it during the fall when the leaves are turning! Next time, I will bring my field guide, to make my bird watching more interesting.

Once hunger hit, we headed to our favorite spot in Charlottesville: Christian’s Pizza, at the downtown location. We love that place! The pizza is amazing, the pedestrian strip with outdoor cafes and shops is quaint and lively. It was the perfect way to end the day. (For more reviews on Christian’s Pizza, click here)

Ledon-style Spanish Lesson #2

The word for today is CULPA, which means fault

Not to be confused with PULPA, which means pulp

Not to be confused with PULPO, which means octopus


PULPITO means baby octopus but it also means pulpit

Not to be confused with PALPITO, an irregular heart rhythm



It’s the baby octopus’ fault that the father octopus has arrhythmia

Es culpa del pulpito que el papá pulpo tenga pálpito