About Silvia

I’m a wife of a wonderful man and a mother of 4 fantastic kids. I spent my childhood in beautiful Ecuador (South America), my young adult life in sunny Florida, and I now reside in historical Virginia. For fun, I sing, write, play word games, go on dates with my husband, go on dates with my kids, sing some more, drink overpriced coffee from overpriced coffee shops, write songs, and watch shows on Hulu. I teach singing for a living, and I love it. More than any other title that describes me, I am a Christian. The Gospel is at the forefront of my thinking. All the time.

I’m not a great writer but I love to write. In this blog you will find anything from philosophical, heart-felt posts about life to humorous “lessons” on the Spanish language. I am a bit sarcastic so not all my humor is correctly communicated or understood. Most of the time, I should know better. I have strong opinions on things, but the older I grow the more I realize, I’m often wrong. My writing is honest. Not always pretty, but honest.

6 thoughts on “About Silvia

  1. Give me a good writer who is honest than a great one who lies. Besides, you’re pretty to look at.

    You are amazing woman – let me set the record straight for those who don’t know you.

  2. Dear sister Silvia
    Thank you very much for following my blog. I really appreciate it and love how you exprress about yourself 🙂 I will llok forward to your great posts. Grea blessings in Christ.

  3. Hey Silvia,
    I really appreciate your blog. I came here for a little inspiration from you this AM. “Like a deer pants for water…” I really like the title, the psalm, the song. In relation to what I am attempting to write I think that most human beings want to be known and loved, they are thirsty for it…like a deer panting for water. I will look around your site to see why you chose that as the title for your blog, but also wanted to ask you here in case you haven’t written about it, why did you choose this phrase for the title of your blog?
    Much Love,

    • Dear friend, I just now realize that I should have explained that in my About page. The quote comes from Ps 42, and the imagery, as you know, refers to our souls desiring to be in the presence of our living God and undergo the transforming power that comes from being in fellowship with him.
      Through my writing, I hope to gain a better understanding of myself and be encouraged by the evidence of God in my life. My spirit desires God more than anything in this world (though my flesh doesn’t always agree with that). This blog, for the most part, is an expression of this journey to know Him better and to draw near to Him. Whether it be through a prayer, a testimony, or by simply voicing my opinion on a particular matter, I see God at work, and I want that.
      My hope is that God will encourage my readers as much as He does me.

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