What I Didn’t Know About Snow Until I Moved to Virginia

Things I never knew, and liked, about snow until I moved to Virginia:

  • Snow swirls. Unlike rain which falls straight down, snow is light and dances as it makes its way to the ground. It’s quite mesmerizing, actually.
  • It’s loose and fluffy, but at the same time, it sticks together and packs itself up. It disintegrates in your hand, but it can easily be compacted into a ball. If the surface on which it falls is cold enough, it will stick to it, no matter what the incline is. It is beautiful to wake up to white roofs and tree branches, yet easy enough to brush it off your car (of course, this is without ice, which is a whole different story).
Back porch

Back porch

My front yard, this morning.

My front yard, this morning.

  • I’m happy we only get snow a few times a year in central VA. Snow is pretty when it’s fresh off the sky. Yet, it can turn ugly while it sits there for days, making everything more cold and more wet than you want it to be. So, again, glad it doesn’t happen that much where I live, because I can see how it would be really easy to get tired of it. I’m grateful it is few and far between; it’s enjoyable and sporadic enough to maintain its magic.

Undisturbed, fluffy blanket

  • Perhaps one of the most fascinating aspects of falling snow is how silent it is. I’m used to rain storms, with loud drops of water coupled with roaring thunder. But snow is simply quiet. Everything is quiet. Animals are quiet. Traffic quiets. The world seems to stop and sit still. Waiting. Watching. It’s captivating. There is truly nothing like it.

“Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”

  • Snow reflects light, like crazy! Nights full of snow are absolutely gorgeous. The slightest hint of light drives away darkness. During the day, if it’s sunny, the reflected light is almost blinding. It gives me hope, remembering that in the cold and in the dark, God can, and often does, send heavenly provision that brightens life.
  • Snow days (at least in Central VA) = mandatory rest days :). Schools close and businesses often do the same. Since my husband works on a school schedule, if the local community college closes, his job closes as well. So yay for family time on snow days! Snow days = playing outside, bonding with the kids, reading, blogging, and board games.
  • OK, OK, I will include one thing which I don’t like about snow. It’s messy. It gets on your shoes which eventually gets into your house or your car, wetting everything. And if there happens to be salt on the floor (which happens outside of business and stores to prevent slipping), that stuff will stick to your shoes and stain your floors. Yup. I really dislike that aspect of snow. But considering it’s an occasional nuisance, it’s not so bad, after all.
3 layers of socks before venturing out

3 layers of socks before venturing out

Snow selfie, of course 😉

Daniel tried to go out driving but got stuck on our street 😛

My handsome men (minus one)

Stephano, the snowdude

My baby and I with Stephano ❤

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