For my friends who have recently lost loved ones…

On this Thanksgiving Eve, I pray for those (especially my friends) who have lost loved ones this year. For those sitting at the table without their father or spouse, for the first time. For those unable to bear the pain of not having their son with them any longer, I lift up my eyes to the Lord. He is good, and his strength is powerful enough to sustain the hurting, even when it feels impossible. Death is part of this broken world of ours, but just because it is normal, it doesn’t mean it’s easy, especially when we seem to think it happens prematurely. But the truth is that there is no premature timing in God’s eyes. He holds all our days in his hands. He is bigger than our bad choices. He is bigger than fate or destiny. In his miraculous foreknowledge and his compassionate sovereignty, He uses the bad for good and redeems all circumstances.

On this Thanksgiving Eve, I pray that the hurting children of God will be able to thank him even in their pain. Jesus knows pain. Jesus understands death. He went through both in order to give us life. May He overwhelm my friends with life and hope, even as they sit together and dine with a missing loved one. His mercies are new every morning.

2 thoughts on “For my friends who have recently lost loved ones…

  1. I shared this entry on Facebook. It moved me beyond anything you can imagine. You are definitely a very blessed person; you know how to express your trust in God with a few words. Just now I had finished writing a message to a woman I met at our Emmaus retreat, whose husband killed himself recently, and no one had a clue why he did it. They were very successful. His business was doing well; they recently moved into a new house they built in Miami Lakes. He also coached baseball and went to church. These is a family-friend-based people. So, she was devastated when she got there! She had us all in tears. Believe it or not, she is such a strong woman that she was the one who gave witness to the love of God and how the retreat changed her life at the end of the Mass. Blew my mind how strong women are!! I also thought of Silvita and Stephano, and Silvia and the rest of us who love our beloved Aris. What would become of us if we didn’t have God in our lives?! Thank you for writing such beautiful, witty, and gifted posts in your Blog. You are a special person. I’m still looking for your wings.

    Love you!

    Mari Zeida

    • I surely do not know where I would be or what I would do without God in my life. I am so very grateful that I belong to Him.
      I, too, miss Aris. It’s hard not to feel especially nostalgic during holidays, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. Love you, prima. Have a peaceful and joyful Thanksgiving ❤

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