Gomer’s Song

So I wrote a song a little while ago. I don’t particularly like this home recording of it, but oh well, here it goes.

The reason why this song is meaningful to me is because it’s based on the story of Hosea and Gomer. It goes basically like this:

Hosea was a prophet of God. God spoke to him and told him to take Gomer as wife. She was an unfaithful woman who continued to be unfaithful, even after their marriage. She had children with other men. Somehow (not specified in the book), Gomer ended up back out on the streets prostituting herself. She ended up in a slave market, more than likely being sold as a sex slave. By all standards, but especially by God’s standards, Gomer did not deserve for Hosea to stick by Gomer. But God spoke again to Hosea and told him to go and buy his wife from the slave market (even though he had full rights to her, for free). He did just that. With 15 shekels of silver, he paid the price to redeem his wife from slavery.

Hosea is a picture of Jesus, who was to come years later. The imagery of this book explains how God’s people are unfaithful to their God, but Jesus paid the price to buy us back to himself. He paid the highest price for us, because He loves us and desires an intimate relationship with us, with me. What love! What gift! This is why I will love him forever.

5 thoughts on “Gomer’s Song

  1. This is one of my favorite books in the Bible. I read it after reading the book Redeeming Love, by Fracine Rivers. It really is a great story of God’s love for us, no matter how “dirty” we are/feel.

  2. Ok, tell me….where do you hide your wings???? You’re an angel. I normally don’t cry from listening to a song, but prima, you outdid yourself with this one. It’s so beautiful, and such a compelling story. What a beautiful gift God has given you in that voice and your ability to communicate, being through music or by words. I am so moved by the woman you are. Glad we’re family.
    Mari Zeida

  3. As you know, this is one of my favorite songs you do and I never tire of hearing it. Thanks for posting it…now I can hear it any time I want even though you’re far away. I miss you so much, my friend! Love you!

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