Can I just brag?

After 25 years of mommy-hood, I think I have earned some decent bragging rights. Therefore today’s post is all about my four. These four hold my heart and fill me with joy, expectation, wonder, and pride.

Meet my children:

Lizette is often the life of the party. She has a boisterous laugh and sometimes spontaneously breaks out in dance. She can have us all in stitches in no time. She has great recollection and can quote a movie even after seeing it only once. She is not afraid to make fun of herself. She is both fierce and a scaredy-cat at the same time; bold and timid; extrovert and loner. She is creative: writes, draws, sings, composes beautiful music, and records. She enjoys history and literature, and writes like a pro. She uses big words and can spontaneously turn into the family’s grammar Nazi. Lizette is honest and transparent about who she is and what she thinks, and takes the time to understand herself and grow. She is committed to those whom she loves and will not give up on relationships that matter. After years of having her gone from our home, it’s wonderful to have her back, even if it’s for a little while. I’m so grateful.

Gabriel has the most contagious laugh I have ever heard. He has amazing musical and visual talents: He has had perfect pitch since he was born (we realized it when he was about a year and a half old) and has very little tolerance for those who sing or play off key. He has photographic memory and can map anywhere he’s been, even if he navigated it only once. Gabriel loves food and delights in planning what he will eat two meals ahead of schedule. We know when he really, really likes the food he is about to eat, because he makes up a little jingle as an introduction to his meal, and he heartily performs it (even in restaurants where we try to have him lower his voice). Even when he loves his food, he is willing to share a little, if we ask nicely. Even though he prefers to be alone and away from crowds, he also craves intimate connections with family members, inviting bear hugs once and again. Gabriel understands a lot more than he lets on and picks up on others’ moods and attitudes. I cannot picture my world without him.

Daniel serves wholeheartedly. He is reliable and helps with a smile. Like-able is a word that describes him. He is discrete and very aware of others. He goes out of his way to make others feel appreciated and valuable. He enjoys British comedy, science fiction, and humorous political shows. He is in constant pursuit of learning about the newest technology and often uses his own computers and phones as guinea pigs, installing, re-programming, jail-breaking, and whatever else he does which I completely do NOT understand. He is an expert BBQ-er and loves to cook delicious meals for himself and others. He is romantic and sweet, and will be a great husband one day. Daniel appreciates family, has strong convictions, and likes to foster intimate, close relationships. He can also be silly, funny, and playful, and can steal the show in a dance party. This kid just puts a smile in my face and melts my heart.

Elise is intuitive and perceptive. She is deeply emotional and in tune with the feelings of others. She is naturally shy and introverted but continually decides to push herself out of her comfort zone. She sings and acts and plays instruments. She composes music and appreciates art and nature, and all things beautiful. She has a good eye for hair, make-up, and fashion. She enjoys poetry and the art of spoken word. She stays clear of fiction but reads psychology books for fun. Elise eats sushi and Asian noodle salads, and drinks green tea. She enjoys quiet moments in coffee shops, as well as deep conversations and witty humor. She loves God. She loves her family. She is a concerned and caring friend. Elise is responsible and reliable at work and appreciated by her superiors and teachers. She is driven and daring. She will go places. She has changed my life for the better and I’m so blessed to be her mom.

MANY MOONS AGO. From left to right: Daniel, Lizette, Elise, and Gabriel

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