Gratitude: Pain killers and the like

I’ve been making it my habit to write on a daily basis. Today, as I sit here with my laptop, I have no witty posts to write, no philosophical analysis or family anecdotes. In fact, I’m tired and out of creative juices. See, this week has been full, preparing my Spring student recital, having rehearsals and singing with the praise team, directing the men’s ensemble (fun bunch of guys), taking one child to the hospital and the girls to their respective doctors, having two of my molars extracted, dealing with internal family crisis, and even buying a car! Not sure how I made it through this week, but I did! And now I sit here with a sense of peace and accomplishment (I attribute this to the pain killers), and a strong desire to sleep in tomorrow.

I’m proud of my students; They sang beautifully. I’m thankful that my son’s bronchitis is better. I’m relieved that the molar that was causing me pain has been put to death. I am relieved that we finally found the car we needed. I’m blessed by friends who love me and my family and the support they give us. God allows me to see him and hear him even in the midst of turmoil. For that I’m so grateful. 

Oh, and as a bonus, The Miami Heat just won the second game of the finals. Great way to end my week 🙂

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