And the Winner is…..

And the first place winner for best grandma award goes to…


Yes, don’t be jealous, people, it’s true.

When entering her application into the (made up) worldwide competition, this is the list of attributes I listed:

  1. Tita (as her grand children call her) has been an amazing cheerleader. This means that unless it was physically impossible for her, she has been at every birth, every birthday, every recital, every family gathering, every Christmas, every graduation, and every other event that has been meaningful in the lives of her grandchildren.

  2. She has been a good mother. Every time her children have worried over their children, she has worried. Every time her children rejoiced over her children, she has rejoiced. Every time her children needed her to be present, to support, to encourage, or to give hugs and kisses, she has been there and done just that. Her love for her children has translated to love for her grand children.

  3. Tita is generous. She gives freely. As often as she is needed, she shows up; when a grand child needs to talk, she listens, when they need a ride, she picks them up, if they need to borrow purses, shoes, jewelry, scarves, or anything else in that amazing closet of hers, she shares with gladness. She holds nothing back.

  4. You would think she had plenty with the abundance of natural grand children, but Tita is grandma to countless other young people, kids of her siblings, kids of her friends, and friends of her grand children, just to name a few.

  5. Faith drives her. Tita prays for her grand kids, the ones that are near and the ones that are far. She prays with faith and fervor and loads of love, and because her heart belongs to God, He hears her and he answers.

I thank the WGAP (Worldwide Grandma Appreciation Pageant) for bestowing this honor on my mother, Silvia Arrondo Vargas, and accept this award on her behalf.




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