The smartphone app that could save your life

How cool is this?

PORTLAND, OR – An Oregon man said he helped save a life thanks to an app on his smartphone. When someone calls 911, the PulsePoint app does a search of the immediate area to see if there is anyone with the app who can help.

Firefighter Scott Brawner was off-duty and working out at the gym when he got an alert from PulsePoint. The app showed a map that indicated the location of a man nearby who needed CPR.

Brawner followed the map and ran outside. In less than a minute he found Drew Basse, slumped over in his car. His heart had gone into cardiac arrest. Brawner started CPR until paramedics arrived, an action that likely saved Basse’s life.

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“I cannot believe this thing worked,” Brawner said. “I just got done doing CPR from PulsePoint in the parking lot. Even now, thinking about it, it’s amazing how fast…

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