The Cliff

Standing on the edge

The void before my feet

No place to run. No safety in sight

Will you catch me if I go?

Will you fly on silver wings and halt my desperate fall?

I sense a scent of death

I shiver in my bones

Frightened in the darkness. Terrified of heights.

What awaits me at the end?

The crushing of my flesh?

Or will you catch me if I fall

Into the depths

Into the night?

I’ve seen you fly before

Around me

Through me

For me

To you, void is light

And mysteries are fully known

You fly and fly

With strength in rescue

Your eyes fierce with purpose


Will you catch me when I plunge?

No retrieving

No escape

My feet inch forward

The cliff before me

No rope. No handle

Just you and me

I’ve seen you fly before

Catch me

Catch me on my way

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